The Bradford School of Dance is pleased to offer a beautiful fully air-conditioned facility. The dominating feature of our dance studios are the dance floors. Our professionally sprung strip hardwood floors are top of the line and the best floors north of the city.

Why sprung strip hardwood floors?

  • best for ankles, knees and lower backs
  • creates higher jumps and softer landings
  • more give than parquet, laminate and Marley flooring
  • topped with welded Rosco flooring for the perfect smooth surface for all dance styles

Other features of our studios include the full length 7 foot properly positioned mirrors. These allow the dancer and instructor a full visual tool when working on the floor and for full height visualization when performing jumps. As well, our ballet barres are literally drilled into the concrete subfloor. This allows training on either side of the barre, provides security, strength training and stability for the dancers.

The large change room has many cubbies, lockers and hooks providing ample space for everyone’s dance bags and jackets. The studio viewing windows allow parents to see into class anytime they like.  Our two lounges provide families with ample space to wait while their children dance.